From deserts and shores

Texas is a large state in the southern US with deserts, pine forests, and the Rio Grande River that forms the border with Mexico. In its largest city, Houston, is the Museum of Fine Arts, which features works by renowned Impressionist and Renaissance painters, while the Space Center Houston offers interactive exhibits designed by NASA. Austin, the capital, is known for its diverse music scene and the LBJ Presidential Library.

Forth Worth


San Antonio


8 Places you cannot miss

Padre Islands National Seashore



Windswept dunes, with their coastal grasses, confrm the panorama of this barrier island that stretches for 182 kilometers along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The gentle surf makes this destination an ideal place for swimming or sea fishing, and you may even get lucky and spot one of the white-tailed deer or jackrabbits that live on the island.



This ride lives up to its name, passing so close to the gentle flow of the San Antonio River that it feels like you could step right into it. The promenade is full of restaurants with lively outdoor tables, music, shops, festivals and shows. We guarantee you will love it.

San Antonio Coastal Walk

Guadalupe Mountains National Park



This honey-colored mountain range, formed 250 million years ago, is actually a rare fossil reef. Explore its peculiar beauty by camping and hiking in rural areas, or take out your binoculars: you will see some very interesting things.



The site of the famous battle of the Texas Revolution and the most visited monument in the state, the Mission is accessible in and around a variety of tours. Plus, there are interactive exhibits and history talks that quickly educate visitors about what «Remember the Alamo» means to Texans.

The Alamo

Space Center



The educational complex that explores the space program through continually changing exhibits, 400 artifacts (including the world’s largest collection of moon rocks), and exceptional sightseeing tours like Level 9, which takes you behind the scenes of NASA, is Something incredible.



Known for its forward-thinking educational programs, talks, and exhibition policies, the DMA boasts an impressive collection of more than 24,000 works of art, including an extensive collection of contemporary works and a substantial collection in the area of ​​design and decorative arts.

Dallas Museum of Art

Forth Worth Water Gardens


This oasis in the middle of downtown Fort Worth, designed by architect Philip Johnson, is a modernist landscape of fountains creating vortices and futuristic angles.