Company established with the vision and experience in the sector of its partners in April 2014 with the purpose of exploring the federal passenger transport market in the tourism modality. In May 2014, the first 2015 model Volvo bus unit was acquired, which is a guarantee for the comfort of its passengers on long journeys.

Operations begin with the Durango-Chicago route, barely two years after its creation, it has a very solid and growing infrastructure, having within its assets 27 workers, 2 auto transit and 6 passenger buses, more established routes and increasingly in demand like San Antonio Tx., Dallas Tx., Chicago, Los Angeles Ca., San José Ca., Mc Allen, Las Vegas and even any part of the Mexican Republic.

For 2015, the second bus is acquired thanks to the demand, good acceptance by its customers and given the excellence in quality of service that the company offers its passengers, today with eight years of service, it is one of the transport companies by land to the USA recognized in the town of Durango and its surroundings, it has a fleet of 9 buses only for the coverage of 5 main routes (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Jose and Wichita), each one with multiple subs -routes and/or official stops), ticketing service not only in the main office, but in different parts of the city and its municipalities, Zacatecas and Chihuahua, additional to the office in Dallas TX and more than 40 workers.


Provide positive experiences to our clients by satisfying their needs with a standard of safety, quality and comfort. Using units with state-of-the-art technology, meeting the growth expectations of our clients, human capital and shareholders to become leaders in the passenger land transportation industry.


To be a leading company in the field of passenger motor transport, achieving the permanence of our clients through a quality, safe and fast service, respecting the environment based on sustainable development, more committed every day.


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