Deserts and Casinos

Nevada is a state in the western United States characterized by vast expanses of desert and the 24-hour casinos and entertainment for which its largest city, Las Vegas, is famous. In Las Vegas there are elaborate themed hotels and luxurious resorts lining the main avenue, the Las Vegas Strip. The city also has museums, such as the Mob Museum, extravagant live shows, and exclusive shopping malls and restaurants.


Las Vegas

4 places you can't miss.



Built 80 years ago, this great marvel of construction located in Black Canyon is the tallest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere. You can walk across the bridge or take one of two excellent tours to learn about the history of the dam and see the different sections in action.

Hoover DAM



This series of pointed ravines, grooves, caves and passages can be explored through various trails of various lengths and levels of difficulty. Hike the trails to Miller’s Point on the main trail for a breathtaking view of the canyon, plus the richly colored lands beyond.

Cathedral Gorge State Park



The city’s glittering boulevard is known for many things, but an architecture or pop culture tour highlights its iconic buildings. Learn about the design of famous resorts, as well as their histories, on a tour bus or walking tour that explores the entire architectural history of the city.

Las Vegas Strip



Take the highway up into the canyon for panoramic views of the ridges and valleys of this impressive landscape, including the striking Ruby Dome, the highest peak in the area. Go hiking, mountain biking or skiing, or simply have a picnic among the wildflowers in this nature destination.

Lamoille Canyon

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